Trina's Playhouse presents:
Chocolate Covered Strawberrys

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About Us

Come C Entertainment is established to provide and promote an affordable means of entertainment (and hospitality) to all. We provide a stimulating and harmonious (bring or come to agreement) experience to the young, old and all those in between.

Music is the food for the soul. Whether you are the musician or the listening audience, there is nothing like it when it strikes you just right. One chord can calm or excite the inner you. Music reduces anxiety, relieves tension, alleviates stress, increases pleasure and enhances whatever the mood of all involved.

When you attend a function sponsored by Come C Entertainment, not only will your soul be filled by the music performed by the artists / entertainers, your other senses will surrender to opportunities and experiences that include succulent foods being provided by the various vendors, and various wares / crafts on display for sale.

We don’t stop there. We will enrich the lives of those in each and every community we frequent by making donations to various domestic violence agencies. It is our goal to help the men (yes, men), women and children affected by this epidemic.

Make it a point to come see a Come C Entertainment function. Take the opportunity to discover the other you.

Come Play With Us!!!

Terry Easmon, CEO

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